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Hikari Sentai Maskman [1987-1988] [ON-GOING]


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Hikari Sentai Maskman [1987-1988] [ON-GOING]

Post by 「AcD08」 on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:36 pm

Light Squadron Maskman | 光戦隊マスクマン
Pasukan Cahaya Maskman | Hikari Sentai Masukuman
Total Episode : 51

Everything starts with Commander Sugata, a scientist and sage who excelled in mental reinforcements and is a master of every martial art. He discovered the existence of the Royal Underground Empire Tube, a malignant force that desires to dominate the land, which is based underneath Japan. In the beginning, Tube was centered on pacifism. However, when Zeba assumed the throne, Tube began planning to conquer the world. The new goal of Tube had become turning the world into a cold and shady planet, conditions that would need to be achieved so that the citizens of Tube could live on the surface. In order to stand against them and thwart their plans, Sugata recruited five young people, each one specializing in a style of martial arts, and taught them in the ways of the mystical "Aura Power" energy.
A year after Sugate recruited and trained the Maskmen, Tube is ready to strike. The Tube's Princess Ial, sent as a spy above ground under the assumed name Mio, has fallen in love with Takeru and now wishes for those living under and above ground to coexist. She is kidnapped and imprisoned in ice for her betrayal.

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